Found this at an adult toy shop (The Comedy Store in Savannah GA) that Sir Will and I went to it’s full of great information on how to play with toys.


The primary function of a dildo is to fill the vagina or anus, providing an in/out sensation that stimulates nerve endings and feels great.

  • Lube up.
  • Slide dildo inside the vagina or anus.
  • Always insert the dildo at the same angle as your body. If it doesn’t feel right, change the angle to conform to your natural shape.
  • Hole it motionless inside, move it in and out slowly, and/or thrust it in and out intensely.
  • If you have a curved dildo, angle the curve toward the anterior of the vagina (2-4 inches in is usually your G spot).
  • Use a harness to hold your dildo in place if you want to do other things with your hands.
  • Be creative and have fun.


    • Do use your dildo on the outer lips and entrance of the vagina for extra sensation. It is the first third of the vagina that has the most sensation.
    • Don’t use the same toy in your anus and then your vagina  -yeast infections could result.
    • Do use flared-base dildos for anal play, harness us, or a no-slip grip.
    • Do use a condom on your dildo if you are sharing with a friend.



    • Experiment: Don’t worry about what you should or shouldn’t be doing with your toy, or whether you’re doing it right. Try using it all over your body and see what feels good.
    • Use lube: Lubricant makes everything more slippery, and will undoubtedly make any sex toy experience more enjoyable. A toy that feels too big or vibrates too strongly may feel just right with the addition of a lube.
    • Go solo: Play with your toy alone before introducing it into couples play; this way you learn what feels good and then share what with your partner.
    • Fantasize: Let your mind run wild with sexy thoughts.
    • Use erotica: To get things started, watch a sexy video or read some titillating passages.
    • Be realistic: A sex toy might not save your marriage, or be a sure-fire orgasm machine, but they are a fun way to expand your sexual repertoire and learn more about your body.



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