Training Your pet

Thought this was a great breakdown of submissive positions for pets. Author is unknown. Sit Pretty- Sitting upright on legs tucked under, knees slightly spread apart (about shoulder width) with paws (hands) between open legs and paws touching the ground, head facing forward, chest up and out (as if proud to be seen). This is […]

Where to find WCDT on the web.

With facebook always changing their rules and bringing down pages,  i have created a WCDT page/profile on just about every website possible. So here is how to find everything dealing with WCDT. Even though I am not completely active on a lot of them, its good to go ahead and like/follow/friend these so Y/you can […]


I’m sure at first glance you probably think this weeks blog is actually about “my favorite kink”, well you are not entirely incorrect. MyFavoriteKink (or MFK) is an adult store on Etsy that hand makes everything. While paracord is the favored material of this shop, they do offer other materials including leather. Since everything is […]

BONBDSM review

From  BONBDSM i ordered a purple small ball gag, along with a matching leather leash (to go with the beautiful training collar i won a few weeks prior) The ordering process was very easy, the items i received were just like that of the pics posted on the website, i could not be happier at this […]


There is no room in Poly or BDSM for lies. Lies will destroy all types of relationships. Don’t let the lies make you question yourself, or your worth. This isn’t just about Dominants either, trust me I know some submissives that are just as guilty. IF you care so little about that person, end the relationship, […]

Be true to oneself 

When first discovering the BDSM/Poly lifestyle, it would be wise to go in with an open mind and a closed mouth (you will learn more listening instead of talking). Also there is not a “how-to” BDSM manual, so that means you have to actually put in the time and effort to educate yourself. Educating yourself […]